Twenty-five-year-old Anthea Links is a columnist for Rogue magazine. The job

she loves is on the line when she’s faced with writer’s block and given a
deadline she knows she can’t meet—that’s until her best friend, Pip, comes up
with the perfect idea.

Anthea never says no to a dare, and this one is so perfect it will solve all of her

Twelve men.

Twelve months.

Twelve articles.

But there’s a catch: Anthea can’t know the real names of the men she dates,
and she must only refer to them by a Spanish number.

Mister Dos is unsuspecting victim number two. He’s sweet, hardworking, and a rough-and-tough country boy … a refreshing suitor for Anthea. 

Will Anthea be able to keep her identity hidden this time?

Will she continue with the dare and keep her job?

And will she do it without falling in love?



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